Monday, June 15, 2015

TPG Apps Highlights - Risk Matrix #projectonline #projectserver #risk

This post is the first of a series to highlight the apps available for Project Server and Project Online from the SharePoint store  ( and direct via your local TPG office.

The first of this series will look at the simple plug-and-play apps that all users of Project Online can make use of quickly and easily.  These are:
  • Risk Matrix 
  • Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA)
  • WBS Chart viewer

Next we will focus on the challenge of Resource Request Supply and Demand by demonstrating our more recent TeamLink and TeamManager apps.
  • Team Manager App is a Resource Manager/Owner app for allocating resource supply to Projects and BAU activities and monitoring demands against commitments
  • Team Link App is a PM tool for monitoring Project demands vs the supply provided by the Resource Managers 

Finally I will highlight some of the benefits of our integration tools when used in the context of Project Online
  • ResourceLink for the synchronisation of resources, custom fields and custom field values between your on-premise data sources and Project Online.
  • PSLink for transactional input/outputs from your on-premise data to Project Online 

So... here is part one of (many)....

Risk Matrix

TPG's Risk Matrix provides a quick and simple mechanism for aggregating and displaying project risks in a 5x5 matrix.

The app can be embedded either on a Project PDP, a Project Site Page or Homepage, or even viewed as a site level app where you can manually select the Project to interrogate (see below for screenshots).

 PDP embedded

PWA Site-level project selection

PWA Site-level project display

Project Site-level embedded on homepage.

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