Monday, March 3, 2014

first bug of #Project2013 #sp1

Interesting - Setting Baseline0  adds values to ALL baselines.  Then editing Baseline0 costs changes all baseline costs


  • Create task of 1d
  • Add a cost resource
  • Set Task Usage at bottom window
  • Add Baseline 0 Cost, Baseline 10 cost, baseline 4 cost (or some others too)
  • Add some Timephased costs into Cost timephased field
  • Set baseline
  • All baselines are set with a value
  • Edit Baseline0 Cost TImephased entry
  • All Baseline Values change
  • Scream and bang head on table
** UPDATE **

Having looked further into this it appears that this only impacts baseline cost timephased values.  However this is a MASSIVE impact as it could increase file sizes fairly significantly as the Baseline Cost Timephased Values for Baselines >=1 are no longer independent values.  Put simply, BAseline 1-10 Cost Timephased will equal Baseline0Cost, and cannot be set independently.

Here is an updated repro

- Firstly create split view with task usage on the bottom and gantt at the top
- add Cost, baseline Cost, Baseline1 cost, other baseline cost fields to the Task Usage Timephased section
1) Create a task (any duration)
2) assign a resource to the task that has a standard rate so we see costs timephased in task usage pane
3) Now set Baseline0
BUG:  See that Baseline 1-10 Cost values in timephased data now all have a value, not just the baseline0cost value
4) Now edit an element of the timephased baseline0 cost data
BUG:  All Baseline Cost Values change in that time segment to the value you edited
5) Now try edit a timephased segement for basline 1 cost
BUG:  Notice the edit wont set
6) now try settings Baseline 1 (or another >0)
BUG:  Timephased BaselineX Cost Values NOT Created

here's what a plan can look like when baseline0 is set.  In the bottom pane I have added Basline0 Cost, Baseline1 Cost and Baseline10 Cost but the same issue applies for all of them.

Note;  baseline work values do not show this issue

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