Friday, May 24, 2013

#ProjectServer2013 Issues with Views

Project Server 2013 Issues Summary

Over the last few weeks I've been implementing a number of Project Server 2013 systems, and have found a couple of application issues that are worthy of note:

Views Issue #1 - Project Center / Resource Center - "The View Failed to Load"

This error, followed by "You do not have permissions to view" message appear to relate to a failure of the webpart to select a view from the list available to me.

One example of how this can happen is that if I selected View A the last time I accessed Project Centre, but since then View A has been removed/taken away, then this error will occur.

Another example MAY (awaiting repro) be if you delete/rename/remove the default Project Centre view.

The fix is three clicks of a mouse but is really not good.

- Open the ribbon
- Select a new view from the available list
- F5 Refresh

This should be a simple code fix to ensure that if the cached last view is no longer available, enumerate through to find the first available view and display that.

Note:  This has also been noted on Resource Centre although the second error you get is Access Denied

Views Issue #2 - Phantom Project Schedule views
This is a very new one.  we removed a pile of the default schedule views from all categories as we had replaced them with our own custom views.
Strangely any projects created PRIOR to this change being made still display the views as available, however if you select them they return "There is no data available" (as you would expect as they are not attached to a category)

Any new projects do not display these phantom views.

Again, this is very early warning, and I will be aiming to repro this in a few weeks time.

Views Issues #3 - Timesheet creation failure
Again this is initially noted by the generic "The view failed to load" but this time there are no options to workaround this.  The issue was noted for a specific resource, so I worked on the basis that it was a data issue.

I looked in the tasks.aspx view for the resource while delegating and found one assignment with a NULL value in the Work field.

Upon reviewing this in the plan, this task was a Milestone.

Of course we all know that you shouldn't put resouces on milestones, but as this is supported by Tasks.aspx and you cannot stop it, the timesheet task population job SHOULD account for this and at least either exclude the assignment or add it in as read only.

The ULS error we saw was:

Error is:  GeneralUnhandledException.  Details: General Unhandled Exception in _Timesheet.CreateTimesheet_ Attributes: System invaldcastexception: Cannot cast DBNull.Value to type 'System.Byte'. Please use a nullable type.

Removing these resources from milestones, and publishing, resolved the issue.

more to follow once i've repro'd!


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