Thursday, February 28, 2019

Restoring PWA Site to another Web App in the same Farm

The scenario is this:

  • SharePoint 2016 Farm with Project Server
  • Two Web Apps
    • Development
    • UAT
  • One PWA on Development Web App.

I want to copy the PWA Site on Development web app to UAT to support a testing cycle.

As far as I knew there were two options:

1) Content Database Restore and Attach

Process would be backup your Dev Content Database, Restore to a new Content Database for QA, then mount the database on the appropriate web app and your off....

Problem:  Although you can do this with the -AssignNewDatabaseID switch in Powershell (to avoid two content db's having the same database id) the Site Collection (PWA) in the db still retains its SiteID which means there is a duplicate SiteID in the Configuration Database.  This stops the PWA site being created and alllocated correctly and becomes essentially orphaned.

This method is only any good for MOVING not COPYING

Back to the drawing board...

2) Backup-SPSite / Restore-SPSite

I didn't believe this would work as I have always encountered issues after the restore where the new host Web App isnt included in the PWS integration, so you cannot bulk update the sites and you cannot use the new Web App for Site Provisioning.

HOWEVER (and this is a work in progress) i think i may have found the solution, and that's the PWASITE SharePoint Feature.

Step 1:  Backup-SPSite to filesystem backup
Step 2:  Create new content database on your target web app (assumes this is already set up and a root site collection created)
Step 3:  Check existing Content Database is restricted so no new sites can go there
Step 4:  Restore-SPSite from filesystem backup
Step 5:  Disable-SPFeature pwasite on your newly restored PWA Site
Step 6:  Enable-SPFeature pwasite on the new site
(essentially turn it off and turn it back on again!)
Step 7:  Check Bulk Project Site Update and update the exisitng PWA Sites to your new web app host address 
(this is fixed by the disable/enable feature step)
Step 8:  Check your Site Provisioning settings are working.

So, that's it.  Pretty simple when you think about it.

We are testing this now so hopefully this will stand up to challenge.... if it doesn't I will post back with a sad face.

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