Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Very simple oData Portfolio Report #projectserver

Reporting in Project Server 

Yes I know you have PWA for showing a cross-project view of the world, but it's not the most customisable is it.

With Project Centre and Project Schedule views being the primary value add of Project Server, it's a shame is just not a bit more... useful!  You could show milestones, have easier filter options (one click not 4) that kinda thing.

So lots of people ask "can I have Project Centre, but in a report please".

OK, here you go...

This is made up of just a couple of components:

1) a simple oData feed to the Project View table
2) some formulas to do the drawing
3) Slicers to drill down into the portfolio
4) Status date grid highlight (where set on the project) - this is done using another grid formula

The report shows a couple of example view options (date periods to show), handled by the formulas

This can then be published onto any SharePoint site as a Portfolio view, e.g. IT Customer Portal, reducing 


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  1. Looks great, but where is the downloadbutton or where are the real instructions to create the report myself?