Monday, July 1, 2013

#projectserver2013 Issues part 2 - Cannot close timesheet periods

#projectserver2013 Issues part 2

Following on from my previous post, here's some other tidbits of anomalies on PS2013

Close Timesheet Periods
There's an issue with page rendering and IE versions here.  When attempting to close periods, the changes cannot be saved

Javascript error on page (syntax error at line 1408)

Occurs on

The problem appears to be a page call to /pwa/_Layouts/15/pwa/admin/PeriodCloseConfirmation.aspx

I expect (unconfirmed) that the issue is because of Timesheets that have not been submitted for a period I wish to close.  However some resources do NOT complete timesheets in our configuration so this is ok.

When I looked at the code I found a call to this PeriodCloseConfirmation page which I assume is supposed to load when this event occurs, but it does not.

This looks a fairly substantial issue right now.  I'd be interested to know if anyone else sees the same thing.

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