Friday, July 5, 2013

#ProjectServer2010 PWA Provisioned With Errors (no ProjectBICenter provisioned)

Here's a repeated scenario that I thought I'd write up quickly:

On a new environment (2010 SP1 + June 2011 CU V2) I provisioned the first PWA site in the Farm.  Unfortunately the site provisioned but with errors, the errors being that the ProjectBICenter did not get created.

I worked through the usual ULS log entries and found a number of records relating to:

- Unable to create Images library due to content type "document" already exists

The fix for this as far as I can tell:
- Open STSADM and run

         stsadm -o deleteweb -url http://pwaaddress/projectbicenter

- Navigate to the PWA site and create a new subsite 
-- Using BI Center template
-- Named Business intelligence center
-- URL /ProjectBICenter

- now go to the Project Server Service App
-- Select the pulldown menu and select EDIT
-- Click EDIT to reforce provisioning

This should now complete, and in my scenario this stopped the issue happening again


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