Thursday, December 15, 2011

Very important note around timephased actual reporting via MS Project Server 2010


There has been an interesting post on Technet recently regarding reporting on timephased actual work with Project Server 2010.  The link is above, but the key phrase is below:

When you protect user updates, timesheets always maintain exactly what the user entered for timephased work, and the scalar values between timesheets and the project plan are always consistent. However, the timephased distribution of the scalar value may be slightly different in the project plan, as it is geared toward future work planning and not maintenance of actual work historical values. The scheduling engine may adjust some timephased actual work to keep the plan consistent.

So, in English, this basically means that if you want EXACT timephased actual work reporting when using Timesheets and Single Entry Mode, you MUST Report from the Timesheet Subsystem, NOT MS Project assignment-level actual work.    The plan should only be used for the scaler-view of Actual Work and the REMAINING work (although of course the timephased remaining work may also not be 100% accurate if the actual work timephased has moved and the plan has not been properly rescheduled.


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