Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Web Access - Data Analysis (OWC) Web Part refuses to acknowledge OWC is installed

Quick description:
We installed PWA, OWC and SQL AS 10.0 OLE DB Provider for a client install for Project Server 2007.  Everything was hunkydory except, navigating to the Data Analysis page stated we needed to install Office Web Components.  For some reason the web part wasn’t recognising that this was already installed.
Hang on… thought we had…
We reinstalled/ repaired / hopped up and down alot.  Nothing.  It just would not acknowledge it was there
Client PC #2 - same issue
Server side - same issue
Hop hop hop (scream)
When selecting Edit page on the Data Analysis page it actually correctly displayed the web part.  I also noticed that creating a DA view was fine too
On hitting hard refresh attempted to show the page toolbar before prompting again to install OWC
Several hours later…………
The Fix = remove and re-add the Data Analysis to the page (oh god, why didn’t i think of that sooner)
Time to work out the fix = 3 days
Grey hairs created through debugging = several thousand
Result = Reapplying the web part in the shared view of the page as Web Administrator fixes the issue for all users.

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