Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Configure Project Server 2007 Analysis Services with SQL 2008 SharePoint Addon for Reporting Services

SQL 2008 analysis services for mops2007

Well we sorted it

It’s a bank holiday today but here’s the route we took

Installed SQL 2005 components from dec2005 feature pack on app server

Native client

Bacwards compatibility

  • note: xmo not installed due to SQL 2008 reporting services addon for sharepoint wouldn’t let it

Installed the following bits on app server to get things working

SQL 2008 native client

Xmo 2005 sp 3 cu5 - to get around the previous issue noted KB 972511

Ta daaa everything worked!!!

Only took a week :(

edit - postback to Brian Smith’s blog

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  1. Hi Carl,

    I know its been a long while since you posted this but the dreaded problem has crept up again when I have rebuilt a customers SP & Project 2007 environment. I have followed Brian's very detailed article and also followed the updates above caused by RS Add in.

    The XMO installer runs fine however I still get an issue with the Cube Builder service complaining about Application Server needs to have Analysis Services server DSO Component installed.

    Does the server need a reboot after installation of the XMO tools to take effect?

    Many Thanks