Friday, September 17, 2010

Site Collection wont delete (orphaned record) - Sharepoint 2007

- You created a managed path of /projectsites against the web app that is running your PWA Site
- you create the site collection for holding your Project Web Access Workspaces (so that you have your workspaces separated from your PWA Site)
- However this approach is changed at the last second, and you delete the managed path from the Central Admin configuration
- You then delete the site collection

result: Your Site Collection will not delete.  Attempting to enumsites against the web app will result in an error

reason:  the site has been orphaned in the content db


- Open your content db and select all from dbo.webs
- look fo the title of the Site Collection you created that you wish to delete in the Title field
- Copy the SiteID Guid
- in the 12/Bin folder of the app server, run:  

stsadm -o deletesite -force -siteid [enter the guid here] -databaseserver [database server name] -databasename -[name of your content database]

This will delete the orphaned records.

to confirm, run enumsites again on your web app to check all is well

Friday, September 10, 2010

Deriving Milestone RAG Indicators from tasks to the Project Center

updated on 10 Dec 2010 - MS1-Var-P field names were wrong.  Hope Ive got it right this time!!! - Carl
updated on 13 Dec 2010 - data types and task level rollups added to field definition (shame)


In the Project Centre you wish to show the status of your "Gateway" events that are held as Milestones in the project plans to provide a Milestone Summary view.  However there is no out of the box solution to doing this.

The Approach
Firstly you need a Task Level Custom Field that links to a lookup table that defines your milestones.  For Example:

Field Name = C3_Milestone Type
Lookup Table = Gateways
LUT List = MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4, MS5

For each milestone you want to report on in the Project Centre (MS1...5), create the following field structure:
Note:   -T represents task fields, -P represents project fields

- MS1 Switch-T
this is the control field that identifies the relevant task that is tagged with the Gateway = MS1 value (1), Baselined (2), Complete (4), not set (0)

IIf([C3_Milestone Type]="Phase.IT Specification and Design Complete",IIf([% Complete]=100,4,IIf([Baseline Finish]>56000,1,2)),0) 

Type = Number
Rollup = Max

Note:  you will notice 3 result isn't included.  I did this in case we needed a 4th State to be defined later

- MS1 Finish-T  
This field received the finish date of the task where the above flag has been enabled.  Note:  Rollup set to MAX


type = date
Rollup = max

- MS1 BaseFinish-T
As above but captures the baseline finish date. Note:  Rollup set to MAX

IIf([MS1-Switch-T]=2,[Baseline Finish],"NA")

type = date
Rollup = max

- MS1 Finish-P

this project field receives the finish date captured by the previous task level custom field

SWITCH([MS1 Switch-T]=0,"",[MS1 Switch-T]>=1,[MS1-Finish-T])

Type = date

- MS1 BaseFinish-P

this project field receives the baseline finish date captured by the previous task level custom field

IIf([MS1-Switch-T]=2,[MS1 BaseFinish-T],"NA")

Type = Date

This field does a Date Diff between the Finish-P and BaseFinish-P fields

IIf([MS1-Switch-T]=2,([MS1 Finish-P]-[MS1 BaseFinish-P]),0)

Type = Text

Here you can apply a formula to derive your RAG indicator based on the VAR field above.

IIf([MS1 Switch-T]=0,"Not Set",IIf([MS1 Switch-T]=4,"Complete",IIf([MS1 Switch-T]=1,"No Baseline",Switch([MS1-VAR-P] >20,"4 weeks late",[MS1-VAR-p] > 10 And [MS1-VAR-p] <=20,"2-4 weeks late",[MS1-VAR-p] >0 And [MS1-VAR-p]>=10,"<2 weeks late",[MS1-VAR-p] <=0,"On Track"))))

Type = Text

** deliberate mistake = the above formula should say >0 and <=10 (rather than >=10).  Sorry about that :/

The Result


CAVEAT:   it appears that the issue with incorrectly calculating tiered/dependant formulas when publishing via the PSI  has never been fixed.  Therefore any PWA based Publish MAY cause Gateway milestones to fail or show incorrect values (or no indicators).  Mileage may vary...

Project Web Access - Data Analysis (OWC) Web Part refuses to acknowledge OWC is installed

Quick description:
We installed PWA, OWC and SQL AS 10.0 OLE DB Provider for a client install for Project Server 2007.  Everything was hunkydory except, navigating to the Data Analysis page stated we needed to install Office Web Components.  For some reason the web part wasn’t recognising that this was already installed.
Hang on… thought we had…
We reinstalled/ repaired / hopped up and down alot.  Nothing.  It just would not acknowledge it was there
Client PC #2 - same issue
Server side - same issue
Hop hop hop (scream)
When selecting Edit page on the Data Analysis page it actually correctly displayed the web part.  I also noticed that creating a DA view was fine too
On hitting hard refresh attempted to show the page toolbar before prompting again to install OWC
Several hours later…………
The Fix = remove and re-add the Data Analysis to the page (oh god, why didn’t i think of that sooner)
Time to work out the fix = 3 days
Grey hairs created through debugging = several thousand
Result = Reapplying the web part in the shared view of the page as Web Administrator fixes the issue for all users.

How to Configure Project Server 2007 Analysis Services with SQL 2008 SharePoint Addon for Reporting Services

SQL 2008 analysis services for mops2007

Well we sorted it

It’s a bank holiday today but here’s the route we took

Installed SQL 2005 components from dec2005 feature pack on app server

Native client

Bacwards compatibility

  • note: xmo not installed due to SQL 2008 reporting services addon for sharepoint wouldn’t let it

Installed the following bits on app server to get things working

SQL 2008 native client

Xmo 2005 sp 3 cu5 - to get around the previous issue noted KB 972511

Ta daaa everything worked!!!

Only took a week :(

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