Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Project Server 2007 ActiveX Component Can't Create Object: Cube build failure against SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services

Update: so we are getting the "cannot connect to repository" error. Having rummaged around I have just seen reference to the need for SQL 2008 Native Client install also... gonna check this out next

So, i am seriously stuck on something... hopeing to work this through today but thought I would share:


Server Architecture:
Server 1 : DB server SQL 2008 / AS2008 / rS2008
Server 2: App server MOSS2007, Project Server 2007, 2008 Reporting Services addin for SharePoint
Server 3: WFE including 2008 RS addin for SharePoint

Configuring Server 2 for CBS
- install Native Client - OK
- Install Management Objects (XMO/AMO) - Failed (higher version aleady availble)
- Install BC

Cube run fails due with Unable to Create ActiveX component... error

Ran the hotfix package mentioned for XMO and got the error "unable to connet to analysis services repository" - relates to native client

So as we are now in an unknown state I am now running the following action plan:-

- Revert VM lab back to stable point :)
- uninstall RS addin and reboot
- reapply Native Client, XMO/AMO, BC
- Run Cube (hopefully successfully)
- run XMO CU5 hotfix pacakge
- Run cube (hopefully successfully)
- reapply RS addin for sharepoint
- Run cube (hopefully successfully)

see you in 24hrs.....

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