Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Details on Office Servers 2007 SP2 including Project Server and April Cumulative Update Hotfix Release

- SP2 includes SP, IU and all patches thru to and including FEB 09 Cumulative Update
- April CU then includes specific fixes between Feb CU and now
- therefore you need both.

So how do i get a fully patched system:-
- Install WSS3.0 SP2
- Install Office Servers 2007 SP2
- Install WSS3.0 April CU package
- Install MOSS Uber Package - Or - Project Server 2007 April 2009 CU package

- Install Project 2007 SP2 then April 2009 CU package

create one slipstream package for all the installations / patches required and do that (including all SP2 and April CU packages)

Note on Portfolio Server 2007 SP2 - this is not in the same release cycle - no news on release date yet but it is coming...

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